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Third Party-Managed Designation Enforces Best Practice Prevention & Inspection Strategies for Hospitality & Retail Merchants

BOSTON; January 25, 2011 – Sniff K9’s (, specialists in bed bug detection, prevention and elimination, has launched the country’s first bed bug certification program. This ‘seal of approval’ for businesses ensures best practice prevention strategies, including thorough training, education and consistent bed bug inspections.

Sniff K9’s certification aims to deliver peace of mind and third party assurance for consumers in light of recent bed bug outbreaks across the country and increased concerns over personal health and safety. Headquartered in Boston, Sniff K9’s works with both retail and hospitality clients.

“Bed bug populations have increased dramatically in recent years and customer anxieties have risen along with them. Infestations are no longer common simply in cheap motels, but are now frequent at even 5-star facilities and luxury boutiques. We’ve created the Sniff K9’s certification program to deliver peace-of-mind to consumers in an effort to educate travelers and shoppers, while also supporting business owners, allowing them to improve customer service and drive sales and bookings,”states Sniff K9’s co-founder Mike Canizales.

For hospitality providers, Sniff K9’s requires regular bed bug inspections of every guest room and manages thorough training for housekeeping staff and facility managers. Sniff K9’s is currently working with leading hotels and guest houses throughout New England, including Admiral’s Landing ProvincetownSeaport BostonHotel VeritasB&B Associates Bay ColonyThe Red Inn and Gabriel’s at the Ashbrooke Inn, Provincetown.

For retailers, Sniff K9’s certification requires regular inspections of stock and fitting rooms and strict re-inspection of all returned items. Sniff K9’s aim is to avoid customer-driven discovery of bed bugs and if a problem is identified, will remedy it at its earliest stages.

Participants in the certification program receive the “Sniff K9’s Certification” badge to be used on signage and on their website to communicate the location’s commitment to cleanliness, safety and customer satisfaction. Each participating business will also be included on Sniff K9’s’ online consumer resource center promoting their status as a certified bed bug-safe facility.

In conjunction with their certification program, Sniff K9’s offers highest-rated, environmentally-friendly inspection and eradication services for commercial and residential clients. The company employs professionally trained scent dogs with a reported 96% detection accuracy rate and the Pest-Heat system, which is 100% organic and non-toxic with no residues, chemicals or odors. The system employs ambient heat treatments to set and maintain indoor temperatures for sufficient lengths of time, in order to kill bed bugs.

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Sniff K9’s provides leading bed bug and pest scent detection services utilizing professionally trained dogs as well as top-rated prevention and elimination treatments for infestations. The company has further developed a first-of-its-kind bed bug certification program for a growing network of retail and hospitality providers committed to the highest-standards of customer-satisfaction, safety and cleanliness.


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